Part One


Online or in person.


We’ll talk to you and your references and then conduct a comprehensive background check to ensure a quality match.

Part Two

Match Search

We search for a successful match based on your application and personal preferences.


Once we find a promising match, you set up a home visit to interview each other. If it goes well, you can arrange a meeting with PHS staff to set up your mutually beneficial Living Together Agreement.


Trial Period

The Living Together

Agreement includes the lease as well as expectations regarding lifestyle and communication.


This agreement will be used for the 1-month trial period.


Match Period

After the trial period, the Living Together Agreement is revised, and a new, long-term agreement is signed.


The match officially begins!





PHS staff provides you with ongoing support to help you to navigate any potential issues and allow the relationship to thrive.

Short-Term and Long-Term Matches

PHS recognizes that sometimes home-providers and/or home-seekers desire shorter lease terms.

We do our best to match home-providers that want to provide short-term housing

with home-seekers in need of shorter leases.


We are not an emergency housing provider.

We still go through the matchmaking process for shorter match agreements!


Investor Matches

Our investor program focuses on re-purposing existing housing (duplexes, triplexes and more) to intentionally provide stable and affordable options for low-income adults seeking self-sufficiency.

Landlord Matches

PHS not only matches homeowners with a spare bedroom or basement apartment, we find landlords or property owners who have available apartments and we match low-income adults to those spaces.


Home-seekers go through the same application/vetting process but instead of going through our HomeShare program, they are matched with an available unit from one of our partner landlords.


If you are a property owner in the Denver metro-area and want to use a portion of your rooms for our participants, please give us a call or email!