• Adult (age 18+)
  • Legal guardian of children you’re seeking housing with
  • Looking to live in the Denver metro area
  • Low-income and/or qualify for government assistance
  • Actively pursuing self-sufficiency 
    • Involved in career development (e.g. going to school, in a career development program, apprenticeship program)
    • Currently working FT or goal is to work FT job

Please note:

Our program is felon-friendly, but depends on home-provider preference.

Almost all of our home-providers have “no drugs” listed as non-negotiable.

Meet Our Matches

Dave, Dottie, and Monica

Monica (right), a mother of three pursuing a career in water quality management, is matched with Dave and Dottie, a retired couple who love using their home to help others. 

John, Kimberly, and John

John (left) is pursuing a career in veterinary medicine and is matched with John (right) and his wife, Kimberly, who use their home to build community and help provide an affordable option for their neighbors.

Dana, Christine, and Kathryn

Kathryn (left), a CNA and student, and her daughter are matched with Dana (right), Christine (not pictured), and their family, who are excited to share their home for the first time. 

Joan and Mikayla

Mikayla (right), a first generation college student, is matched with Joan (left), a homeowner and business owner who enjoys sharing her home with young people pursuing self-sufficiency.

Raquel and Sara

Sara (left), a graduate of two of our partner programs pursuing a career as a machinist, is matched with Raquel (center) and her family, who love sharing life and their home with a new friend.

Glenn and Dennis

Dennis (right), a Rehire Colorado program graduate and employee at Metro Caring, is matched with Glenn (left) and his family, who generously share their extra space with friends in need.

Kate and Audrey

Audrey (right), a CrossPurpose leader and mom of two sweet kids, is matched with Kate (left), who has always wanted to share her home, which she bought for this purpose.


Brittany (right), a Manna Connect leader and employee at Qdoba, is matched with her own space in Douglas County.

Heidi and Guyia

Guyia (right), pursuing higher education, and her son are matched with Heidi (left), who is excited to share her home with Guyia and thrives when she gets to spend quality time with kids like this one!


Part One


Online or in person.


We’ll talk to you and your references and then conduct a comprehensive background check to ensure a quality match.

Part Two

Match Search

We search for a successful match based on your application and personal preferences.


Once we find a promising match, you set up a home visit to interview each other. If it goes well, you can arrange a meeting with PHS staff to set up your mutually beneficial Living Together Agreement.


Trial Period

The Living Together

Agreement includes the lease as well as expectations regarding lifestyle and communication.


This agreement will be used for the 1-month trial period.


Match Period

After the trial period, the Living Together Agreement is revised, and a new, long-term agreement is signed.


The match officially begins!





PHS staff provides you with ongoing support to help you to navigate any potential issues and allow the relationship to thrive.

Interested in finding a home?

Write N/A if not involved with a career development program.