A matchmaking organization that repurposes wasted space and

engages willing hearts to build a thriving community.


We envision neighborhoods where all people have

opportunities and access to a flourishing life.

What Sets Us Apart

Home-Share Model

We utilize existing housing stock to thoughtfully match Denver homeowners with low-income adults seeking self-sufficiency. Homeowners rent out a spare bedroom, basement apartment, or ADU at an affordable rate which allows for the stability and affordability needed for home-seekers to work toward self-sufficiency. All potential homeowners and home-seekers are given background checks, personality profiles, and stipulation checklists to ensure matches are safe, comfortable, meaningful, and mutually beneficial.


Bridging the Gaps

We believe the combination of stable and affordable housing allows adults to focus on training and education to work towards a livable wage and save money towards a market rate apartment or down payment on a home. Two deeply-rooted problems low-income adults face are the affordability gap and the wage gap. As we seek to solve the affordable housing gap using existing housing, we partner with several career development nonprofits in Denver and require home-seekers to be enrolled in one of these long-term programs.


Economic Efficiency

According to the Denver Affordable Housing Nexus Study, it costs $210,000 to develop a 1-bedroom apartment and $310,000 to develop a 2-bedroom apartment. For our projected budget, it will cost $2,000 to provide a bedroom or basement apartment for an adult/family. 


Dignified Housing

Low-income adults are often forced to decide between stability or affordability. They must either work multiple jobs in order to maintain a stable home environment or, due to a number of limitations including affordability, live in an unhealthy or unstable environment. Our mission is to provide a third dignifying housing option that provides safety and security without breaking the bank.


Transitional Opportunity

Our program provides a transitional opportunity that offers the stability and dignity of a home combined with an affordable rate. Lease agreements will last for 1-2 years and while in our home-match program and adults are expected to be enrolled in a career development program or school, save a percentage of their income each month, and receive housing education and support in their transition towards a long-term solution. 


Sustainable Budget

PHS will charge the home-seeker up to a 25% fee on the agreed-upon monthly rent rate. 


Thriving Community

Through our program, we link social capital between groups that would otherwise not have relationships due to race, class or religion. We believe that we all have something to learn and gain from groups different than our own. We believe that all people have the right to live, work, and contribute to their communities. Currently, that opportunity is denied to thousands of low-income families. Our goal is to combine affordable home-matching with career development in order to build a community where everyone is contributing to its flourishing.